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Chad Hurd




Chad Hurd loved making his own comics and storybooks as a child. He wanted to spread that love of art and writing and briefly became a high school art teacher. He kept creating comics until 2007 when his work was noticed by the art director of "Sealab 2021." They asked him to move to Atlanta to work on an upcoming pilot and before they could say “ya’ll” he was on their doorstep. That pilot became "Archer," one of FX’s longest-running shows.

Chad cut his teeth as a designer before moving into storyboards, art direction, and eventually directing and producing. All his efforts paid off in 2012 when he was nominated for an Annie Award, and again when he won an Emmy in 2016.

Other than Archer, Chad has directed content for "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia," "Y: The Last Man," "Agent King," and "Harley Quinn."

A self-proclaimed “fixer,” Chad has worn a lot of hats and flows effortlessly between producing, directing, storyboards, and designs. He’s the guy you call if you want fresh ideas and a sure way to execute them.

Chad divides his time between Maine, Atlanta, and LA.

For animation-related inquiries, please contact Ellen Ann Mersereau, Esq. 323-461-3316